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Why Buying Your Kids a Ride on Toy a Good Idea?

Every child has his own dream toy. One of the most popular toys in Canada nowadays is the BMW ride-on toy. Girls and boys alike love this sophisticated toy. Riding on a life-size remote-controlled car makes any child feel like he/she is driving a real car.

Mercedes ride on car kidsThere are many reasons why ride-on toys in Canada are becoming more and more popular these days. And some of these reasons are explained below.

Ride-on toys encourage outdoor activity

Kids nowadays seldom go out to play, enjoy the sun, explore around, and learn new things about their surroundings. They would rather sit on their couch playing with their smartphone than go out to enjoy some outdoor physical activities. Ride-on toys can help encourage your kids to enjoy playing outdoors. While ride-on toys can be played inside the house, it is more fun to drive them around outside as it allows your kids to feel like they are driving a real car.

Ride-on toys provide a good physical activity

When riding remote control cars, your child will not just sit there and wait for the car to move on its own. Most ride-on cars like peddle cars or foot-to-floor ride-on toys need some leg and arm actions to move. Your child has to use his/her feet to move the car and his/her arm to steer and turn it around. It might not be obvious but this physical activity can help strengthen the muscles on the leg and arm.

Ride-on toys promote motor skills development

bmw ride on cars for kids

The ride-on cars are designed to look, feel, and function like a real vehicle. They are built with features similar to that of a real car, too. These built-in features include horn and turn sounds, steering wheel, latched doors, brakes, working lights, and seat belts.

When playing with their ride-on car, kids get to learn how and when to use these features. They also learn about the basics of navigation, know how to observe and be more aware of their surroundings, understand the concept of space, and more. All these can help develop their motor skills.

Ride-on toys allow your child to develop a sense of autonomy

When your toddlers start to explore the world on their own, giving them a ride-on toy car is beneficial in helping them develop their sense of autonomy and independence. Letting them drive their toy car allows them to become more observant and self-reliant.

It will help them learn how to deal with problems on their own like how they can get rid of or get through the obstacles they encounter on the path or how they can properly maneuver the car to arrive at their desired destination. Successfully overcoming these problems and obstacles can also give them a sense of accomplishment which in return can help improve their confidence and self-esteem.

Ride-on toys get your kids’ attention off the electronic gadgets

In today’s technological era, people of all ages are getting hooked on using their electronic gadgets. Mobile phones are not anymore used just for communication. Desktops and laptops are no longer used for office works. People now use electronic gadgets like tablets, smartphones, and laptops for different purposes- entertainment, education, business, socialization, work, and more.

With the rise of smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and various gaming and entertainment mobile applications, kids nowadays spend most of their time playing their favorite online games, watching online videos, and engaging in different social media platforms. While these things can be a good source of entertainment, too much screen time provides negative impacts on the health and overall quality of life of a child. For one, too much exposure and usage of electronic gadgets can be harmful to the functioning of a child’s brain. It may cause problems like impaired learning, increased impulsivity, and cognitive delays. It may also cause sleep deprivation, damaged eyesight, and reduced social interaction which may disrupt a child’s normal communication and social skill development.

Buying your children some toys that they will surely enjoy playing like a ride-on toy can help you get their attention off the electronic gadgets. Instead of just focusing on their electronic gadgets, they can spend their time riding on their toy car.

17 April, 2021


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