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Which Electric Car is Suitable for your Kid?

There are plenty of toys available for kids in the market. If you have a look at the options for kids’ electric cars, you will find so many different features embedded in them. This is the reason why parents often find it pretty difficult to find a suitable electric car for their kid. We are here to make it easy for you by categorizing all the options based on age. Different age groups need different types of electric cars, and we will help you to choose the perfect one.

The best thing you can do over here is to choose an electric car that matches your kid’s style, interest, and abilities. If your kid is more into real cars, then you can get a miniature version of his/her favorite car. On the other hand, if your kid is more into cartoons, then you can select a cartoon electric car too.

Let us have a look at the features of electric cars based on different age groups.

Age 0-2 years

At such an early age, the kids are still developing their motor skills. This is the reason why you should purchase an electric car that has been specifically made for kids of this age. These cars are made with certain special features for enhanced safety such as special supportive seats for avoiding topples. The motors fitted in these cars are very low-powered ones to avoid the car from reaching high speeds.

Usually, these cars have a 6v toy car battery that allows the car to run around the speeds of 2mph. If you look at the cars of older kids, you will find pedals as well as multiple speed settings. But here, there is only a one-touch button system. Other than that, these cars also come with a parental remote control so that the parents can either take complete control or just intervene when there are any chances of accidents.

6v battery powered ride onThe electric cars for the kids of 1-2 years have been designed mainly for indoor use. This will prevent any kind of injuries. One should definitely see to it that the car is not being used for any unsuitable terrain other than it has been manufactured for.

This 6v battery powered ride on would turn out to be an excellent experience for your 1-2-year-olds. They will get the feeling of driving a real car by seeing the design and features of the electric cars available in the market.

Age 3-5 years

Now, the kids have become capable of handling a powerful car by developing their motor skills. The electric cars available for kids of this age group tend to go up to speeds of 6mph. These cars are more realistic due to the design and bodywork of the cars. They are licensed ones just like you see in films and shows. You can even get your own Lightning McQueen from the Cars series for your kid.

These cars have the capability of running on outdoor terrains such as gravel, sand, grass, and some rugged ones are even good on mud. You need to check for the specification of the electric car to compare it with the terrain in your surroundings.

The electric cars for 3-5-year-olds often come with several additional features like FM radio, foot-pedal based operation for a better experience, and even realistic engine sounds. There is passenger space available for you to take your friend or sibling on a ride-along with you. Parental controls are still available in these cars for taking control whenever it is necessary.

A majority of kids of 3-4 years find the 6v battery for ride on car an ideal one. But, there are some adventurous kids who will not find it sufficient and would want a 12v battery-powered car. The 12v battery has the capability to take the car up to speeds of 3.5mph. So, you need to choose the car as per your kid’s enthusiasm.

Age 5-8 years

At this age, kids are able to handle a more powerful and advanced electric car. These cars look more realistic and there are licensed versions available from popular cars such as Mercedes, Lamborghini, and Jeeps. These cars are simulated with excellent features to provide the kids with a real-time car driving experience.

Age 5-8 yearsA 24v battery-powered car is preferred for kids of this age. These cars are capable of running up to speeds of 6mph. You can use these cars on different terrains. Some of the additional features available in these cars are multiple gears along with reverse gear, double motor systems, and much more for an enhanced driving experience.

Final Words

If your kid is really a fan of cars, you should get an electric car for your kid. This guide will make it pretty for you to get a car based on your kid’s age. Get an electric car filled with amazing features for your kid to surprise him/her for their next birthday.

18 June, 2021


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