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Electric Cars for Kids – How to Make the Right Choice?

Are you struggling to find the right gift for your kid? If your kid is into cars, then there is no better option than electric cars for kids. The options available as gifts for kids are endless, but you will find the kid really enjoying an electric car. The best thing here is that some of the electric cars available in the market are designed based on popular sports models so that the little drivers can get a feel of the real cars.

Earlier, parents used to go with pedal go-carts and scooters for their kids of every age. But, they are a bit risky if you are gifting it to a 2-year old kid. This is the reason why toy companies came up with safe and stylish electric cars as a perfect alternative to risky toys.

When you look for electric cars in the market, you will get confused because of the number of options available in front of you. If you are in such a situation, then this guide is the perfect one for you. Here, you will be able to know about some particular things that you need to look for while purchasing an electric car for your child.

A significant difference between the different ride-on cars available in the market is the power capability. If you have a young toddler, then there is no need to purchase a high-powered vehicle that gets out of control. If your kid is at the right age, then only you should consider purchasing a 24V kids ride on. Let us go through this guide to make the right choice of electric cars for your kids.

6V Cars

If your young toddler is between 0-2 years, then you should go with the 6V electric cars. The kids are still developing their motor skills and would be learning to talk and walk. The most important thing required in these ride-on cars is a single-seater design for avoiding too much movement or falling of the kid.

If you go with the 6V car option, then the top speed you can expect is 3 MPH. These electric cars have a parental remote control so that the parents can take complete control of the car during dangerous situations. The kids would be able to learn a lot before they take full control of their electric car.

These cars are designed for being used in indoor conditions such as living rooms. You should never use them in places with sharp objects such as the kitchen and storerooms. Once your kid gets a hang of it, you can even get to the backyard of your house with complete control of the car in your hands. Consistent parental control is necessary to avoid any danger for the kid.

12V Cars

The kids between 3-5 years have developed various skills, and are now capable of a bit more powered vehicle. Now, your kid would have set some preferences too of colors and style of cars. You can go with the branded options such as Lamborghini Aventador, Mercedes Benz AMG, or even the Bentley Continental one. They are available in 1-seater and 2-seater options for your kid’s convenience.

12V carsThe maximum speed the 12V cars can go up to is 5 MPH. Now, your kid is ready to drive even in outdoor conditions like sidewalks, pavements, or any other concrete surface for a better experience. These cars not only come with parental controls, but there are several other options such as a realistic dashboard, an MP3 option, and also engine-based buttons. You can take control of the car whenever you want with the help of parental controls for ensuring your kid’s safety.

24V Cars

Once your kid reaches above 5 years, then they are capable of handling all the features available in 12V cars. If you are upgrading them to a 24V car, then that is also a perfect thing because they have the understanding and power to control it very well. They can still ride 6V cars, but they won’t find it so much interesting as the 12V and 24V cars.

24V electric ride on car for kidsThe best thing about the 24V electric ride on car for kids is that it can handle a huge variety of terrains along with providing your kid with an excellent and realistic riding experience. These cars have been made by considering every detail of the real cars. Your kid will learn to explore the outdoors in style and with a lot of fun.

Final Thoughts

Electric cars are pretty famous among kids. You should consider gifting your kid an electric car only based on their age for their safety. If you gift an over-powered electric car to a toddler, then there are high chances of the kid being hurt. In order to avoid such situations, you should go through this guide before choosing an electric car for your kid.

28 June, 2021


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