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LET YOUR KIDS RIDE IN LUXURY into the new year

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“Absolutely love Luxecars! My daughter can’t get enough, she has so much fun driving around in her new Bentley.
Best part is I know she’s safe when I’m controlling where she is going. Highly recommend.”

— Chelsie, Cambridge

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What Makes 

Us Different?

Luxe Cars provides electric vehicles for kids all around the world. The difference is we CARE about quality!

We provide kids with realistic cars that they can drive for hours of fun. Each car will come with Ultra Premium leather, wireless Bluetooth speakers, custom paint jobs, anti-skid tires, and so much more. The cars also come complete with a remote control so parents can take over the car if need be.


Children deserve to have fun with toys that provide a sense of enjoyment that just isn't describable. Luxe Cars focus all their energy on providing THE BEST cars for kids to drive. A promise that founder; Varun Sharma and Eddy Brenes decided to embed in their own personal lives with their kids. Varun and Eddy spent several months searching for the highest quality supplies to build what they call today "Luxe Cars".

Every child deserves the taste of luxury